Aromatica Golden Jojoba Oil

Aromatica Golden Jojoba Oil
Aromatica Golden Jojoba Oil

Aromatica Golden Jojoba Oil

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Good for: People who are new to face oils, sensitive, dry, normal, and oily skin, as it balances sebum production

Comodegenic Level: 0 - 2 (Low)

Aromatica Organic Golden Jojoba Oil is a 100% organic facial oil that protects the skin by blocking external aggressors from penetrating through the skin. The oil contains 100% organic jojoba oil to reinforce skin’s barrier for a healthy radiance. Rich vitamin A,D and E for skin balance and moisturising. Naturally-derived botanical oils rapidly absorb by skin with refreshing finish.

Free of silicones, synthetic colors and scents, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil and phthalates. Vegan and not tested on animals.


Organic Jojoba Seed Oil (100%)


What we believe. Values we live by.
WE BELIEVE that using natural, eco-friendly products is the safest and most effective way to look and feel your best. Increasing studies link chemicals in traditional cosmetics, skincare, and other personal care products to health conditions such as allergies, hormonal disruptions, reproductive issues, cancer, and many others. Lack of stringent regulations and definition of 'clean' ingredients means that almost anything can go into cosmetics. This makes it very hard for consumers to know which products are potentially harmful.

OUR MISSION is to provide our customers with convenience, quality and peace of mind in selecting beauty, personal care and nutritional products. We do this by carrying the highest quality natural products that contain only the purest, non-toxic ingredients.

Our founder story
Suffering from acne-prone and sensitive skin in her teenage years and then as a young adult, Vin cycled through and spent loads on commercial skincare brands in hopes that she will find a cure-all to achieve better skin condition. After years of experimenting, she realised that lathering products without a good understanding of her skin and skincare ingredients is doing more harm than good.

She then discovered the world of clean beauty and researched extensively about natural ingredients in skincare and learnt how each ingredient targets and helps all types of skin conditions without the use of harmful chemicals. Through Micora, she is proud to be sharing this with the world and help everyone feel confident in their own skin, without the nasties!


Clean Beauty Mission

Jerry Kim, the founder of AROMATICA, left a stable and promising lifestyle at a reputable financial company to positively contribute to the community with his accomplishments. To gain more knowledge, Kim studied abroad in Australia, where he was exposed to aromatherapy.
Kim, who had suffered from dry and sensitive skin since his childhood, discovered the natural remedy from botanical essence. He developed a deep passion for herbs and plants and their efficacies. Also, he realized that most of his personal care products consisted of synthetic fragrance and harmful ingredients.

Although synthetic chemicals may feel impactful and harmless, they are compounds that damage the health and skin. To protect the skin, trustful ingredients should be fundamentally used. To withstand for a healthier alternative, Kim began to import safe and efficacious ingredients to cosmetic companies in South Korea to drive out harmful ingredients in the cosmetic industry.

Cosmetic businesses realized that there was a higher cost alternating synthetic compounds with safer ingredients, so continued the use of their former ingredients. Kim, the first aromatherapist generation in Korea, decided to start his own business in 2004. Jerry Kim established Korea’s clean beauty industry, AROMATICA.
Jerry was an initiator of the cosmetic ingredient safety campaigns in Korea organized by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) which is a non-profit American activist group that specializes in research and advocacy of human health and the environment. In addition, by actively informing about EWG’s ingredient campaigns and bringing the attention of Korean cosmetic companies to the issue of safe cosmetic ingredients, Jerry opened a new era for Korea’s clean beauty industry.

Pioneer in Clean Beauty Industry

AROMATICA has introduced EWG to Korea for the first time, acting as an EWG Safe Cosmetics Campaign Partner in the US Environmental Organization since 2009. As a result, the Korean cosmetics industry leaned to a positive influence and changed to safer ingredients, which opened a new era of cosmetics in Korea.

In 2016, AROMATICA became the first Korean brand to receive U.S. EWG VERIFIED ™ certification. AROMATICA is committed to meet the standard of the purest and healthiest products and deliver a safer beauty care alternative

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Certifications: Vegan, EWG Certified


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