GREEN SUN ORGANICS – Black Pepper Bamboo Salt Grinding Grade

GREEN SUN ORGANICS – Black Pepper Bamboo Salt Grinding Grade

GREEN SUN ORGANICS – Black Pepper Bamboo Salt Grinding Grade

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A combination of Organic Black Pepper Seeds from India with 3 TIMES roasted Korean Bamboo Salt.

This combination can be used for seasoning / roasting of meat or seafood, or it can be used for garnishing dishes before serving.

Black pepper is produced from the still-green, unripe drupes of the pepper plant and have a strong pungent flavor that comes to them from volatile-oils, such as piperine.images (5)

From scientific research, Bamboo Salt is known to contain more than 70 kinds of minerals due to the leaching of minerals from the bamboo tree trunks, the pine tree resin, and the yellow clay.

It's high-heat baking process is effective in getting rid of impurities in the sea salt.
Among all the minerals, the main components of Bamboo Salt are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, and potassium, zinc.

At the same time, it is high in sulfur as a result of the bamboo tree trunk, which makes it a highly alkaline food (pH 10.5) in contrast to all the other salts which are acidic.
This also makes it a great neutralizer and can counterbalance the acidosis in the human body.

Established in 2001, unitednature (Far East) Pte Ltd has been the local importer & distributor for the world renowned Biotta Organic Juices from Switzerland, together with many reputable brands of organic, natural & eco-friendly products from Europe, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan & Australia. Our products are also exported to Malaysia and Indonesia & Philippines.

With “HEALTH IS WEALTH” in mind always, we strongly believe in the importance of exercising the right choice by choosing to pay real costs for real foods; to obtain greater flavors and better nutrition from the foods that we consume. We believe that going organic is not just about organic food – it should become a way of life. Our health is directly related to the quality of the food that we consume, and therefore, we will certainly not compromise for products that are mass-produced at the expense of quality.

Here at unitednature, we are committed to provide the BEST for one’s health and our ONLY environment.

It is becoming increasing evident that chronic exposure to chemical pollutants can contribute to deteriorating health problems in our society.

It is our mission to be committed to work with nature to maximize sustainable agriculture without causing any ecological harm or depletion of our resources.

For the past 14 years, we have been playing an active role in promoting the importance of Going Green & Organic in Singapore with our careful selections of premium products for our customers. Today, we take pride & responsibility in the extensive range of reputable international brands of organic, natural & eco-friendly products under our care.

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