Multi-Purpose Organic Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil

Multi-Purpose Organic Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil

Multi-Purpose Organic Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil

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Nourish deep inside the skin and leave the skin softer at every touch. This cold- pressed 100% pure organic sesame oil is the ancient secret to beauty. It is both nourishing and healing. It can be absorbed deep into the skin and turn your dull dry skin to one of soft and silky naturally.
With a myriad of uses, this multi-purpose cold-pressed sesame oil is one of our favorite items. From skin to hair to even food, it can really help you in some ways. We highly recommend it to anyone!
The ancient secret to beauty, this cold-pressed 100% pure organic sesame oil is both nourishing and healing. It can be absorbed deep into the skin and turn your dull dry skin to one of soft and silky naturally.
Cold-pressed by hand from organic sesame seed grown in our farm, this sesame oil such purity hardly found elsewhere. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, it is traditionally used as a natural moisturizer or massage oil. This oil also helps relieve muscle soreness. It can be absorbed well into the skin without stinky smell or sticky feelings afterward.
Natural moisturizer & packed with anti-oxidants: It contains a high amount of Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin E, essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid and palmitic acid as well as many other trace minerals. This sesame oil can moisturize deep inside the skin and nourish it at the cell level. That means no more dull, dry, lifeless skin.
Anti-Inflammatory: Immediate relief from skin inflammation. If you have rash, skin allergies, burn, eczema, psoriasis, or even insect bite, simply apply it directly on the spot, the itch, pain or the tingling feeling will suddenly disappear.
Anti-Aging: With a high amount of Zinc, our sesame oil stimulates collagen production bringing back the youthful you.
Anti-Scar: With its deeply moisturizing and anti-aging nature, this cold-pressed sesame oil can help you get rid of your unwanted scar or stretch mark while replacing it with the new skin cells the natural way.
Anti-Analgesic: Thanks to the natural magnesium and calcium in the seeds, sesame oil is also granted with a high amount of both minerals. As a result, it helps relieve muscle soreness and aching.
Natural sunscreen: Sesame oil is capable of forming a protective film on the skin. As a result, it can prevent your skin from sunray. Studies show that sesame oil can resist 30% of the UV ray while Vitamin E can reduce the damages caused by free radicals at the cellular level.
Other uses include make-up removal, hair oil, after shower bath, wound healing, or oil pulling. Please visit our How to Use Page for more info.
Quantity: 30 ml
Ingredients: Organic hand-pressed sesame oil and nothing else!
How it’s made: Made the traditional way – by hand-pressing the sesame seeds grown right in the farm allowing sesame oil to seep out. Bottling the oil in the light protected bottle.

How to Use: Simply apply on skin, wounds, rash, or inflamed dry skin. Massage or rub until fully absorbed.

Happy Earth is a small organic farm based in Uthaithani, Thailand. We grow rice, bean, sesame, kaffir lime or bitter orange and turn them into different all-natural body care products following the traditional recipes such as shampoo, body wash, face mask or body scrub. Our products are made entirely from fruits, seeds, and leaf from our farm with no chemicals added. They are 100% biodegradable and are meant to be good to Mother Earth, animals, and humans alike. Through them, we hope to reconnect everyone to Mother Earth because we believe that when Mother Earth is happy, we are happy

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