DUO Limited Edition

DUO Limited Edition
DUO Limited Edition

DUO Limited Edition

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Akesi DUO is a limited edition pack which includes our popular Berry Spritzer and Papaya Leaf Tonic in convenient 1 week supply bottles.

If you’re new to Akesi or you’re often on the move, try the convenience of Akesi DUO. This limited edition pack also makes a great gift to help a friend or family member begin their journey to good gut health.

Akesi DUO will:

Assist digestive health

Maintain healthy bowel habits

Provide immune system support

Natural • Vegan • Gluten Free • Sugar Free • No Artificial Preservatives or Colourings • One Week Supply • 100ml travel friendly bottle • Reuse or Recycle PET

This handy DUO Pack includes:
1x Bio-Fermented Papaya Leaf Tonic 100ml
1x Bio-Fermented Berry Spritzer 100ml SUSTAINABILITY: Our BPA-free recyclable HDPE is more sustainable than the padding, packing and shipping of a glass bottle. Please reuse or recycle.

Elizabeth and Victoria first met in Singapore in 2011 during those demanding yet rewarding days of newborns and toddlers. They shared stories of health woes and together with their complimentary views realised there was a better way to improve the health of themselves and their families.

Elizabeth and Victoria collaborated and, using available evidence emerging from scientific research, Akesi was born.

The health-conscious duo are thrilled to be helping people make dietary and lifestyle changes for the health of the gut, and in turn the health of the body.

Akesi’s reputation speaks for itself. The company has a strong track record of customers reporting better health outcomes after taking the products. Nutritionists and doctors are endorsing Akesi and also buying the plant-based Bio-Fermented Tonics and Probiotic+ Powders for their own families.

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