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The Bunga - a fresh splash of floral abstract, this collection is set to entice our scarf collectors with a our three unique expression. Filled with creativity and imagination, one can never get enough of serenity, vibrant and mood.

Here, we showcase Mood where we incorporate pink-blue-purple into the color contrast. Petals and paint abstract contribute to the finishing touch with pink rhombus framing the design.

Fabric used is Tencel-Silk. Tencel is a natural botanic fiber derived from wood pulp of trees that are grown on farms and produced using recyclable, Earth-friendly solvents. We blend ours with Silk to better improve the aesthetics of the fabric. Breathable and kind to your skin, be sure to expect soft and luxury when touched!

The more you wear and wash, the softer and comfortable it gets!

Fabric: Tencel & Silk
Measurement: 65cm by 180cm
Packaged in a complimentary eco-friendly box

Hello there!

A quick intro of myself, my name is Su and I am the founding partner of a newly re-branded Company: The Rinaluxe Label. It all started with my passion of owning a personal collection of different type of scarves and setting up my mini e-store years ago. I own satin, wool, silk, chiffon and all others.

Slowly as I understand the need to be mindful of what we put onto us and the implication the fabrics can cause to our environment, I decided to move away from synthetics and focus towards natural fibres.

Most people care too much on fast fashion or cheap garments that they ignore the fact synthetics give negative impacts on our skin and those red rash bumps they got there are actually Textile Dermatitis. Plus living in the humid Singa city doesn’t help either. Synthetics are not breathable and we sweat a lot!

Also, have you ever consider where are all those piles of discarded garments go to? Most synthetics are not environmentally-friendly and stuck at the garment waste landfill.
So now, here at The Rinaluxe Label, we pride to only produce scarves made from natural fibre which is gentle to our skin and most importantly pollution-free. Each of our designs are unique as they have their own stories to tell and limited produced. We pack our scarves in an individual gift box derived from recycled paper with minimal printing. How Eco can we be?! We trust that adhering to our values, the quality of our scarves and the benefits brought to the wearer and our environment matter most, others are merely cherry on top!

And above all, we hope to bring people together and build an eco-friendly community. Everyone deserve a cleaner environment to live in and if we practise a small eco act in our daily lives, it will equal to a better tomorrow.
God Bless!


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