Bivalve Mussels & Clams Monthly Subscription Package (12 months)

Bivalve Mussels & Clams Monthly Subscription Package (12 months)

Bivalve Mussels & Clams Monthly Subscription Package (12 months)

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Usually comes with equal parts mussels and clams. We might occasionally have oysters or scallops and other bivalves. 3kg @ $20/month X 12 months = $240

Over the years, we have found that consumers in Singapore face limited options when it comes to sustainably produced food. Most of the vegetables, poultry, red meat and seafood available is imported and industrially farmed. This current food system has immense negative consequences on the environment, animal welfare, as well as our own physical and psychological health.
There has to be a way to do food better.
OnHand Agrarian provides solutions by transforming unused spaces into food producing places. We farm fruits, vegetables, seafood, and poultry in multi-layered systems that concurrently increase efficiency and reduce waste. It's in all of our best interests to protect our shared environment: we offer you subscription programs that bring sustainably farmed fresh produce to your kitchen, and without the use of any disposables. We also put together farmers' markets in various locations to showcase like-minded local food growers, manufacturers, craftspeople and other small businesses that strive to produce food and innovative solutions.

We will deliver seafood to your home on the first Saturday of the month, for 12 months. Your seafood will be packed nicely in freezer-friendly tupperwares, and kept chilled in a cooler box. You get keep the box and tupperwares and clean it for us. When we deliver the next month, we collect the first cooler box and tupperware set. No more plastic bags and disposable packaging.
Delivery starts at 8.00am



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