Our Beginnings

It started with video games

Our initial team of 3 all enjoyed games in one form or another and one day, it clicked when one of us said “why don’t we use digital technology and do something good?” That spark was fuelled further when we saw the image of a pitiful turtle stuck in some plastic and soon, our idea was formed. 

Countless iterations 

Now we needed to build something and weeks were spent in an office where we threw all sorts of ideas onto a whiteboard and finally settled upon a sustainability app; however, the app was naked and without anything more than just a concept. 

Using gaming elements and painstakingly carrying out research of our own by talking to folks we settled on what we thought was a good idea- an e-commerce sustainable marketplace app. 

Sore fingers and typing speed tests

Hours upon hours were spent at cafes emailing as many merchants as we could about this idea with little more than just hope that we’d hear back. The first email came back within minutes. More came back in the next few days. Even more so came back after. “Wow this was something and they were all intrigued by this idea and supported it!” Meetings were held and many phone calls over WhatsApp complemented them too over the next several weeks. Instagram no longer became an app to look at happenings but a tool to discover more merchants and how the thumbs can get sore from hours on the phone. 

An app was born

Finally after months of work, we had a prototype, a demo of sorts to be able to show to new prospective merchants and after several more weeks, we finally managed to have a functioning app live on the App Store and play console. 

We never thought much of things till our first sale came in and then more followed to reaffirm our concept that people liked what we were doing and it drove our motivation levels further along. 

Not long after that, a milestone was reached when we had our first merchant email us asking to join our platform! This was truly amazing and something we celebrated because it further strengthens our drive and belief that this was the right course we were on. 

Our first partnership

One fine day we got an email from an NGO about possibly partnering up because our vision aligned with their goals too and soon after, we were part of our very first webinar! Sharing so much about digital technology and how it can help change the world for the better was something eye opening to us and also heartening to learn that the movement is something we all need, not just here but this region and even beyond it. 

A trashy game 

We came up with a partnership idea to gamify trash collection! It gained a lot of momentum as 18 districts in Singapore competed against one another on kayaks to pick up trash! What we saw was both positive and also a little sad that there was that much trash in our waters.

The birth of the World Wide Web 

To further reduce friction and bring more of our merchants’ products to the community, we built a website that allows for easier shopping of better quality products! 

We’re still growing and learning so much along the way and our energy levels are pointing us towards more progress for a better experience and journey for our users.