ToothPowder:Toothpowder (Bundle: Toothpowder Bottle With 1 Toothbrush)

ToothPowder:Toothpowder (Bundle: Toothpowder Bottle With 1 Toothbrush)
ToothPowder:Toothpowder (Bundle: Toothpowder Bottle With 1 Toothbrush)
ToothPowder:Toothpowder (Bundle: Toothpowder Bottle With 1 Toothbrush)

ToothPowder:Toothpowder (Bundle: Toothpowder Bottle With 1 Toothbrush)

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We brush our teeth everyday, so shouldn’t we think about what we’re actually putting in our mouths? Our toothpowder comes with only three ingredients essential to a fresh and clean mouth. The bentonite clay gently polishes your teeth while adding beneficial minerals such as calcium and potassium, silicon, and magnesium, to your body, and its detoxifying properties allow it to aid in riding your mouth of harmful bacteria while freshening your breath and healing your gums. Baking soda works as an excellent agent against plaque formation by tea, coffee, tobacco, thus preventing dental decay, cavity formation and gum diseases to a very large extent. It also fights bad breath by balancing the acidic levels of residual food. Peppermint essential oil freshens your breath!

Refill option is only applicable under two conditions:
1. When you return us the same bottle we used for our tooth powder (as per the picture)
2. You drop it off at our showroom or events


To use, pour some toothpowder onto a sauce dish, dip damp toothbrush bristles into toothpowder, and brush away!

4 – 5 months per pax

These toothpowder do not foam as much as your conventional toothpaste. Also, it might be salty or bitter, depending on your taste buds!

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